Save Compressed Air

Compressed air is expensive and Tegnon can help you save money

  • Compressed air represents the single largest consumer of electricity across industry
  • Continued electricity price increases above inflation are a reality
  • Tegnon can save you money on your compressed air system by:
    • Reducing the quantity of compressed air consumed
    • Ensuring the optimal quality of air for your production needs

Our 6 step approach to compressed air system energy saving and optimisation

  1. Establish performance baseline
  2. Optimise supply
  3. Optimise distribution
  4. Optimise demand
  5. Verify impact
  6. Maintain performance
Tegnon offers the following efficiency products and services
Compressed air system audits
  • Benchmark your system performance
  • Compare against best practices
  • Determine and document system improvement opportunities
  • Includes a comprehensive leak audit
  • Typical audit requires 7 days on site measurement with further 5 days to analyse data
Tegnon continuous compressed air system and performance monitoring
  • Monitor your system and usage 24/ 7, including energy consumption, air flow, pressure and dew point
  • Establish an operating baseline with regular monthly performance reports
  • Quantify and track improvement projects
  • Ensure consistent compressed air quality by measuring dew point and pressure
  • Trigger alarms (emails, sms) for pre-determined system thresholds e.g., when pressure drops below 5 bar or dew point increases above 5 degrees Celsius
  • Purchase system outright or on an low-risk, affordable monthly rental basis
Tegnon compressed air sensors and kits
  • Tegnon has developed its own range of affordable flow, dew point and pressure sensors for use outside of a full web based monitoring systtem
  • Can be provided with or without data and performance logging capabilities
  • Ideal for applications such as periodic verification of compressed air performance, air audits or confirmation of dew point levels
  • Sensors easily inserted or removed from compressed air lines
System servicing and maintenance
  • Tegnon offers ad hoc or scheduled servicing and maintenance on compressed air systems in order to ensure consistent performance
    • Filter servicing and element replacement
    • Auto drain servicing and maintenance
    • Dryer servicing and desiccant replacement
    • Leak fixing
  • Contact Tegnon for an analysis and quote on our servicing and maintenance needs

Efficient purge desiccant dryers

  • Delivers substantial reduction in compressed air usage - typically greater than 10% of total flow through dryer
  • Payback periods of less than 18 months possible
  • No compromise on air quality and maintain low dew point
  • Designed in collaboration with US technical partners and patent pending
  • Locally manufactured and supported
  • Safe mode for standard heatless cycle
  • Retrofit to existing Tegnon RHL dryers possible
  • Robust, tested technology suitable for challenging conditions
  • Suitable for all compressed air uses including food and beverage