Compressed Air & Gas Filters

Modern industrial processes are reaching ever higher levels of sophistication, and their compressed air networks require ever higher air purity levels; the consequences of inadequate or low efficiency filtration are increased downtime, high maintenance costs and reduced product quality. MTA’s PureTec filters avoid these undesired consequences, offering guaranteed and lab tested filtration efficiency levels within an extensive range which satisfies all individual user needs.


PureTec HEF
(threaded aluminium)

The HEF range covers air flows from 1.0 to 46 m3/min. The extremely durable housing ensures years of trouble free operation what ever the conditions, thanks to standard anodization treatment. Numerous accessories simplify installation and operation, whilst the “CleanFit” design allows easy element substitution

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PureTec B
(flanged carbon steel)

Designed for higher air flows (46 to 150 m3/min.), PureTec B filters feature a multi-element design offering maximum filtration surface area for lowest pressure drops within a compact housing. Element access is simplified thanks to the lightweight top access flange.

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PureTec HEF/50 and F
(filters for high pressure)

The filters PureTec HEF/50 and the filetrs F complete the range of products MTA for compressed air, allowing applications that require high levels of pressure. The filters HEF/50 (2.9 to 32.2 m3/min) are made of aluminum and can operate up to a pressure of 50 barg. The filters F (12.6 to 37.5 m3/min) are made of carbon steel and can operate at pressures up to 40 barg.

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PureTec for special applications

Customer specific versions are also available, including stainless steel housings (AISI 304 or 316) for aggressive gases, versions for special gases and special approvals (ASME). Versions are available for higher pressure (up to 400 barg).

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