Continuous compressed air system and performance monitoring

Why monitor your system?

Research done by the United States Department of Energy and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has shown that organisations can significantly reduce all costs associated with the production and distribution of compressed air by adopting a “systems approach” towards the management of their compressed air systems.
This new approach is underpinned by the implementation of a continuous monitoring system that is able to provide information regarding the overall health of the compressed air system.

The collected data not only provides management with a powerful insight into the efficiency of their installed compressed air system, it also assists them in quantifying their existing compressed air running costs. This information empowers an organisation to make informed decisions regarding energy saving initiatives and capital investments into their compressed air systems.

Continuous monitoring allows organisations to answer the following questions:

  • Is your compressed air system energy efficient?
  • Have your improvements been sustained?
  • Are your service intervals optimal?
  • Are you getting the correct air quality?
  • Did you get a return on your investment?



Tegnon Compressed Air Monitoring System

Tegnon has developed an affordable, scalable, continuous monitoring system that is used to monitor compressed air systems. Our solution records the actual kilowatt used to generate compressed air, consumption, temperature, pressure and dew point.

Data collected from the monitoring system is displayed on the access controlled Tegnon monitoring website. Customised performance reports can be generated based on your manufacturing and process needs.