Water Chillers - Small Capacity

Modern industry's increasing levels of sophistication and capital investment imply that highest precision with zero downtime are an absolute must for an economically viable process. MTA's cooling solutions, developed specifically for industrial users, perfectly answer industry's need for precise temperature control and absolute reliability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The cost of not implementing the optimised solution far exceed the cost of an optimised MTA industrial cooling solution.


TAE Evo Air cooled chillers
Cooling capacity 4.8 - 125 kW

The TAEevo range chillers are compact units designed for use in industry, supplied with hermetic scroll or reciprocating compressors and an innovative finned pack evaporator inside a hydraulic storage tank. Thanks to the wide operating limits, it can operate in pressurised hydraulic circuits or at atmospheric pressure and thanks to the may versions and optionals available, the TAEevo chillers are the top of their category, allowing great application versatility and high degree of reliability.

TAEevo is therefore the best solution for all industrial applications that require high performance, continuous operation and reduction of management costs.

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