Pioneers in Compressed Air Drying and Filtering. Quality at a Fair Price. 

Tegnon has the expertise to solve any compressed air problem. We are specialists in reducing compressed air losses and improving air quality. We have developed our own instrumentation and systems to ensure that all system improvements are maintained. How can we help you?

To assist with eliminating wastage and breakdowns which lead to production downtime in your compressed air system, we can supply you with one of our well-developed electronic monitoring systems. Please browse through the pages listed in the boxes below, and then contact us to assist you. You are also very welcome to visit our premises to discuss your specific requirements with our engineers.

Please call Koos on 083 654 6675 or 011 452 1706 about maximising Air Quality, or complete our pop-up Enquiry Form.

Established in 1963, Tegnon is an industry leader in the management of compressed air, gas and granular solids or particles (both mineral and organic). Tegnon's strength lies in its versatility, customising standard products to meet each customer's individual requirements with extremely cost-effective results.

In addition to in-house research and the development of equipment under the Tegnon and Tegnon-Jones brands, we also represent a number of well-known international companies such as MTA and Tiger Filtration. Over 6000 Tegnon drying units are currently in operation throughout Southern Africa.

Tegnon - providing South Africa with solutions in compressed air, gas and granular solids management.