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Heat regenerated dryers use hot air for regeneration, reducing compressed air consumption required by our RHH range of dryers. Atmospheric air is electrically heated and used to regenerate the bed saturated with adsorbed water.

These dryers save on compressed air at the expense of electrical heating and higher maintenance costs. This range is also suitable for the drying of low pressure compressed air.

RHH Heat Regenerated Air Dryer Range

Heat regenerated dryers are available from 100 cfm to any capacity required. The heat regenerated dryer uses heated atmospheric air to regenerate the wet tower. Typical features are:

  • High pressure centrifugal purge air blower
  • Water cooled heat exchanger for bed cooling after regeneration
  • Bed cooling in closed cycle to prevent re-adsorption of water vapour
  • P.L.C. cycle control with safety interlocks
  • High efficiency particulate after-filter
  • Fully automatic cycle changeover