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PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Generators

  • Enables you to produce and maintain a reliable and economical Nitrogen gas stream of up to 99,999% purity.
  • Eliminates your reliance on cylinder and liquid nitrogen and hence your dependency on supplier efficiencies, costs and the logistics of transportation.
  • Minimises your total costs as the cost of investment in your generator is swiftly amortised (typically in less than 2 years) by drastically reducing your ongoing costs.

Nitrogen Generator: Mini
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Nitrogen Generator: Modular
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Nitrogen Generator: TwinTower
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Ratio of Compressed Air Consumption: Nitrogen produced for different levels of Nitrogen purity
  ​Nitrogen purity (%) 99,999 99,995 99,99 99,95 99,9 99,5 99,0 98,0 97,0
  Air/N2 Ratio 9 6,94 6,15 4,06 3,5 2,61 2,4 2,02 1,96
  • PSA generators produce a continuous stream of nitrogen gas from compressed air.
  • In the process, the oxygen and other trace gasses in the compressed air are absorbed by a CMS (carbon molecular sieve), allowing the Nitrogen gas to be discharged under pressure into the distribution system. The oxygen by-product is discharged back into the atmosphere.
  • PSA technology alternates between Nitrogen production and regeneration of the saturated sieve beds.
  • The cost of producing Nitrogen is largely influenced by the cost of running the air compressor.
  • Air compressors typically require 81KW to produce 14m3/h (500scfm) Compressed Air.
  • The Nitrogen output will depend on the purity required.
Cost of Producing 1m3 of Compressed Air
  ​​Electricity Cost (R/KW) 1.25 1.5 1.75 2.00
  ​Cost of Compressed Air (R/m3) 7.23 8.68 10.13 11.57

Tegnon Nitrogen Generators

​If required, Tegnon can offer Installation, Service and Maintenance contracts.

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