Pioneers in Compressed Air Drying and Filtering. Quality at a Fair Price. 

Tegnon started operations in 1963 manufacturing:

  • filters under licence to a German company;
  • batching equipment for the Foundry and Steel making Industries in association with K├╝ttner K.G in Essen;
  • heat recovery equipment for the Steel and Chemical Industries in association with Schack Engineering London now a division of Alstom Energy Systems.

During the same period the company entered into an agreement with Esso Research to use their patents to develop a range of pressure swing adsorption compressed air dryers.

In the early seventies the Company developed a complementary range of coalescing type filters using a specialised boron-silicate high efficiency coalescing element.

A number of large refrigeration compressed air dryers were designed and built for companies such as Iscor, Sappi, SA Nylon Spinner and United Tobacco.

In 1982 Tegnon purchased Jones Engineering, manufactures of Rotary Dryers since 1955.

The range of equipment imported from MTA in Italy was expanded in 1996 to include Packaged Water Chillers, particularly aimed at process cooling applications. Later it was decided to also import refrigeration compressed air dryers from MTA. At the same time the company redesigned its adsorption type dryer range in order to reduce the number of components and assembly time.

Today, with its 50+ year track record for excellence, Tegnon is the leading company in South Africa for treating and solving problems in compressed air, gas and mineral drying systems.

Over 6000 Tegnon drying units are currently in operation in South Africa and the African States south of the Sahara. Our versatility in customising our standard range of products to suit each customer's individual requirements is our strength.