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Solenoid valves are used for the fluid control of air, water, oil or gas, and usually consist of an operator and valve body. The operator includes the coil (solenoid), core (armature), core tube, shading coil and spring.

Tegnon keeps a range of normally closed solenoid valves in stock. A wide range of special valves can be imported to meet clients' requirements.
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2N Series Solenoid Valves

2N series solenoid valve acts as a direct valve, which is the most popular solenoid valve in the world. The protection class is IP 65 and has good water proof and dust proof performance. The valve has a fast response acting but bigger power consumption in comparison to other series. The 2N series solenoid valve has CE1674 certification.

Model Connection Size Length Width Height
2N030-08 ¼" BSP 40 30 67
2N150-15 ½" BSP 65 47 93
2N200-20 ¾" BSP 72 54 100
2N250-25 1" BSP 90 70 108
2N400-40 1½" BSP 117 95 135
2N500-50 2" BSP 160 120 155