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Tegnon dryer timers have stood the test of time, having completed millions of drying cycles in dryers all over South Africa during the last 60 years.

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T1200 Dew Point Timer

Desiccant air dryers utilise between 12 and 15% of their design capacity for regeneration. Typically, desiccant air dryers are unable to adapt to variations in demand for compressed air from production. Tegnon is proud to introduce its new T1200 Dew Point Timer. The Tegnon dew point controller reduces regeneration air when demand through the air dryer is reduced.

The energy efficient T1200 Dew Point Timer utilises a high accuracy Tegnon dew point sensor to determine if the dryer bed is dryer bed is ready for re-generation or not. The timer can be programmed to function in one of two modes of operation:

Dew Point Control: When the flow through the air dryer is less than the design flow, the dryer bed is not wet when the end of the dryer cycle is reached. The T1200 Dew Point Timer keeps the dryer bed online until it detects that the delivered air has a pressure dew point that is higher than the programmed set point. No purge air is used during this extended cycle leading to a 12% efficiency improvement in compressed air supply to the plant.

Climate Control: The climate control cycle adapts the quality of the air delivered to the plant to the prevailing climatic conditions. During summer days the dew point required by the plant can be higher than the dew point that is required on cold winter mornings. When the climate control mode is activated the T1200 Dew Point Timer compares the pressure dew point of the air delivered by the air dryer to the temperature of the delivered air. The dryer only changes over if the pressure dew point of the delivered air is less than 20 degrees C below the air prevailing temperature. If the air temperature in summer is 25 degrees celsius then the climate controller will control the delivered pressure dew point of the air dryer at 5 degrees celsius. If the air temperature in winter is 0 degrees celsius then the air dryer will control the the delivered pressure dew point at -20 degrees celsius. This highly efficient mode of operation can lead to significant energy cost savings.

The T1200 Dew Point Timer specification is as follows:

  LCD display 16 x 2 LCD used to display RH%,
Pressure dew point and air temperature
  Dryer cycle display 5 x Valve position LEDs and 1 x Status LED
  Programmable outputs 5 x NO/NC contacts
  Enclosure IP65
  Supply voltage options 24VDC, 110VAC, 220VAC
  Maximum current 2A (Fuse protected)