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The high cost of imported air flow sensors can be prohibitive when you are trying to justify compressed air energy saving opportunities.

Tegnon has developed an air flow sensor to meet the needs of the South African market.

Air Flow Sensor


Tegnon is proud to present its new mass flow anemometer compressed air flow sensor. This high precision air flow sensor has been designed to measure compressed air flow within industrial compressed air networks accurately.

Rising energy costs have encouraged organizations evaluate their energy energy consumption. The Tegnon air flow sensor can be used to determine compressed air usage and to determine system efficiency. Research has shown that the most efficient way to reduce compressed air usage is by continuously monitor consumption and to react quickly to unexpected system changes.

The Tegnon air flow sensor assists companies to:

  • Identify system inefficiencies.
  • Confirm the effectiveness of system improvements.
  • Ensure that efficiency improvements are maintained.

Tegnon's air flow sensor can be installed with the compressed air efficiency monitoring cloud platform. The platform records flow history in the cloud. It allows our clients to track flow performance. The platform empowers users to react when flow volumes increase unexpectedly to ensure that the system can be returned to specification.

The Tegnon flow sensor provides a platform for compressed air measurement. Unique features of our sensor include:

  • Real-time LCD display
  • Integrated RS485 Modbus RTU network card
  • Pressure and dew point probes can be added
  • Integrate to Tegnon cloud-monitoring platform
  • The ability to load custom calibration curves

The Tegnon flow sensor has the following characteristics:

  Measuring parameters Standard velocity wN of air, based on standard conditions 20 °C & 1013.25 hPa
  Sensor type Mass flow anemometer
  Display LCD 16x2
  Measuring range 0-120m/s
  Measuring accuracy ±3%
  Operating temperature  -20˚C to 85˚C
  Humidity range 0 - 95 %RH
  Max pressure 800kPa (Gauge)
  Operating voltage 12-15VDC
  Sensor output RS485 Modbus RTU
  Current consumption <200mA
  Probe length 350mm
  Type of protection IP67
  Mounting &frac12" BSP
  Mounting tolerance ±3° (relative to flow direction)
  Weight 1 kg
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