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Tegnon’s portfolio of cloud based technologies are designed to assist companies in obtaining accurate process information at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house systems.

Please contact one of our engineers to find out how Tegnon's advanced proprietary data-logging and monitoring technology can be deployed advantageously in your business.

Temperature Logging

Tegnon has developed a low-cost cloud-based temperature logger to assist our clients to log indoor temperatures in real-time. In many cases running temperature can be used as an indicator of overall system health.

The Internet Of Things (IOT) Temperature Logger is used by our clients to monitor the temperature of server rooms, fridges and warehouses. The IOT Temperature Logger logs data directly to the cloud and allows users to access temperature data remotely via internet-connected smartphones, tablets or PCs. The logger also notifies users via e-mail when an overheating event is detected.

The specifications of the logger are as follows:

  Display LCD 16x2
  Power supply 5VDC (Micro USB)
  Temperature range 0-125°C
  Max no. of temperature probes 1