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Over the years we have designed and built a number of specialised dryers to dry various gases such as hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide and inert gases.

Some of these dryers have outlet dewpoints in the range of -70°C to -80°C.

High Pressure Hydrogen Dryer

  • High pressure hydrogen gas dryer in heatless purge configuration.
  • Intrinsically safe cycle changeover controls with flame proof enclosure.
  • Automatic condensate drains with magnetic level control.
  • Differential pressure controlled after-filter changeover.
  • Purge hydrogen recycled back to compressor.
Methane Gas Dryer

  • Dual tower design - one tower online drying while the other is regenerating.
  • Compact packaged assemblies, completely assembled, piped, wired, and factory tested.
  • Dryer status indicated on control panel.
  • Optional on-line dewpoint indication and dewpoint demand operation available.