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Refridgeration dryers use a cooling system to cool compressed air to +3ºC. The condensed water is then removed and the compressed air reheated. These dryers are the most efficient way of removing moisture from the compressed air, but are limited to a +3ºC dewpoint. This is usually sufficient for compressed air used in enclosed areas in the South African environment. Where piping is outside of buildings, the lowest ambient outside temperature to be taken into consideration has to be above +3ºC.

Tegnon primarily offers two ranges of standard refrigeration dryers:

  • DE iTECH: capacity up to 27 m³/min.
  • DE ETM: capacity from 27 up to 225 m³/min.

Special hybrid dryers and larger sizes and are available on order. Please contact Tegnon staff with your requirements, and we'll ensure that you get what you are looking for.

DE iTECH Energy Saving Refrigeration Air Dryers
Air flow 0.3 – 27.0 m³/min

DE iTECH is the new generation of energy saving refrigeration cycle dryers with which MTA not only renews its range of products for the processing of compressed air but reinterprets the concept of thermal mass to which the DE Hybrid dryers owe their success. The innovative Impulse Technology system offers important advantages in terms of energy savings, reliability and management costs thanks to the ability of DE iTECH to adapt perfectly to the real requirements of the system. The dryer adjustment system controls its operation and ensures the ideal energy solution for drying of the compressed air, allowing high savings and at the same time excellent stability of the dew point, even under dynamic conditions.

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DE ETM Thermal Mass Cycling Refrigerated Dryers
Air flow 27 – 225 m³/min

The new thermal mass cycling refrigerated air dryers DE ETM represents the best solution for the treatment of high compressed air flow for all those applications that require low energy consuption, reliability and high performance. The DE ETM thermal mass technology allows the units to adapt their own energy consuption to the actual load, ensuring over 80% of savings compared to traditional air dryers. DE ETM energy saving capacity can be further improved by activating the DDF system, an advanced technology of the microprocessor control that automatically regulates the DEW point on the basis of the ambient temperature, in order to reduce the absorbed power of the compressors.

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DE HYBRID Energy Saving Refrigeration Air Dryers
Air flow 0.3 - 37.5 m³/min

The DE Hybrid range dryers use “Hybrid Drying” technology: two dying processes, direct heat exchange and thermal storage in a unique dryer, the result is a drastic drop in energy consumption. This patented technology also ensures maximum reliability and continuous operation in any conditions. User-friendliness is assured: the DE Hybrid dryer switches itself off when not needed and requires absolutely no seasonal adjustments. All models feature advanced digital controls and the exclusive iDRAIN condensate drain. DE Hybrid: 2 dryers in 1, much more than twice the benefits.

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