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Tegnon offers an extensive range of solutions which, by working together in perfect harmony, ensure that your compressed air will be perfectly free of condensate, oil and other impurities.

User needs are met through a combination of elevated efficiency, reduced downtime and maintenance costs, with improved product quality. Advanced patented technologies ensure the most energy-efficient solution.

Timer-Controlled Condensate Drain Valve
XCT-A Timer Drain Valve with Filter Ball Valve

Type 2/2 direct acting valve
Valve port size ½"
Max. working pressure 16 bar
Ambient temperature 0C ~55°C
Max. medium temperature 80°C
Valve body material Brass
Protection grade IP65
Voltage 24-230V AC/DC
Voltage range +/- 10%
Mounting in any position Yes


  • Suitable for automatic drain of condensed water.
  • Drain and interval time is adjustable.
  • Filter and ball valve to be installed before drain valve to avoid blockage.
  • Drain orifice diameter: 3mm, maximum pressure: 16 Bar.
  • Conforms to CE certificate and the coil IP65 220 volt.

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LiquiPro Float & Lever Type Drain Traps
CDF2050 Automatic Condensate Drain

Maximum working pressure 16 bar
Maximum working temperature 65° C
Weight empty 1.2 kg
Connection port ½" BSP

Construction materials: Aluminium body, float and lever in stainless steel, manual drain valve in brass, with an oil-resistant gasket.

The CDF has been specially designed to deal with the problem of discharging condensate reliably and without wasting valuable compressed air. These zero-loss drains are:

  • Energy saving: no compressed air losses.
  • Easy to install: does not require any electrical power.
  • No start-up or seasonal programming required.
  • Special valve design prevents solid particles from blocking the outlet orifice.
  • Robust aluminium housing with stainless steel float & lever.
  • Operates up to 20 barg and 65°C.
  • Complete with manual drain and equalization connection.
  • Optional internal equalization tube allows connection straight to filter housings.

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