Pioneers in Compressed Air Drying and Filtering. Quality at a Fair Price. 

Tegnon engineers and technicians have distinguished themselves as experts in the compressed air industry. Our key competencies include system design, leak detection, air quality and energy efficiency.

Please contact Tegnon to arrange an inspection or assessment so that we can assist you to start reducing the energy costs associated with your compressed air system.

Compressed Air Audits

Tegnon was founded in 1964. Our engineering team therefore has the experience required to evaluate your compressed air system. We have developed a world class air audit methodology to assist our clients in identifying opportunities for improvement. A typical air audit consists of the following steps:

  • Establish a baseline.
  • Determine installed capacity.
  • Leak audit.
  • Air quality analysis.
  • Develop improvement roadmap.

Our audits utilise Tegnon’s portfolio of proprietary technologies including air flow sensors and dew point sensors to ensure that accurate results are delivered at a reasonable price.