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Tegnon’s portfolio of cloud based technologies are designed to assist companies in obtaining accurate process information at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house systems.

Please contact one of our engineers to find out how Tegnon's advanced proprietary data-logging and monitoring technology can be deployed advantageously in your business.

Compressed Air Monitoring

Research done by the United States Department of Energy and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has shown that organisations can significantly reduce all costs associated with the production and distribution of compressed air by adopting a “systems approach” towards the management of their compressed air systems.

As no cost-effective compressed air monitoring systems existed, Tegnon decided to develop our own cost-effective cloud-based system. Key differentiating features of our system include:

  • The utilisation of new generation microprocessor technologies enabled us to reduce the cost of our instrumentation significantly when compared to our competitors.
  • Intelligent logging software has been implemented on an open-source hardware platform. This significantly reduces our cost to log and transmit data to the cloud.
  • Our database enables quick configuration of complex compressed air systems. This enables fast implementations.
  • Our cloud solution is funded by our portfolio of clients thereby reducing the cost per user.
  • The system is provided to customers as a service. Tegnon is responsible for installing and maintaining the system (hardware, software, reporting, database admin, user support).

The Tegnon compressed air cloud monitoring platform has been designed to accommodate multiple clients with multiple sites. Each site can have multiple compressors, production line and users. Data is logged at 30 second intervals and history is stored for up to three years. Our users’ data is kept secure through the utilisation of market leading cloud service providers and the implementation of up-to-date data security practices.

Users utilise our system on a daily basis to identify compressed air system inefficiencies. Plans are then put in place to ensure that losses are reduced and the system efficiency is restored This approach ensures that energy utilisation is reduced and that the efficiency gains are maintained.