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Rotary dryers have many advantages:

  • Rotary drying is extremely efficient in its use of heat.
  • The dryers require minimum maintenance and are ideal for continuous operation.
  • Not influenced by moisture load variation or particle size.
  • More material is dried in rotary dryers than in any other type.

  • Correctly designed, rotary dryers turn out a consistently uniform product over a wide range of operating conditions.
  • They can process most solids, whether sticky, crystalline, heat sensitive, corrosive or non-corrosive.
  • There are a number of energy -efficient options; oil fired, coal fired or electrically heated.

  • Small capacity dryer with adjustable screw feed to prevent overfeeding.
  • Over and under size screen at outlet.
  • High efficiency double tube design.
  • Semi-skilled operation.

  • Rotary dryer heavy fuel fired with air cooling of discharge product.
  • Reliable and easy to operate by semi-skilled operators.

  • Horizontal cyclones mounted on top of dryer at outlet.
  • Collected material can drop directly onto discharge conveyor, if required.
  • Rotary or double flap discharge.

Standard Range Dryers
Model Capacity
DF1 620 Kg/h
DF2 1350 Kg/h
DF3 2350 Kg/h
DF4 3800 Kg/h
DF5 5500 Kg/h
DF6 6700 Kg/h
DF6l 8300 Kg/h
DF7 9500 Kg/h
DF7l 12000 Kg/h
DF8 15800 Kg/h
DF9 20900 Kg/h
DF10 32800 Kg/h
Standard Range Dryer/Coolers
Model Capacity *
DCF1 620 Kg/h
DCF2 1350 Kg/h
DCF3 2350 Kg/h
DCF4 3800 Kg/h
DCF5 5500 Kg/h
DCF6 6700 Kg/h
DCF7 9500 Kg/h
* Based onc. 10% inlet moisture
Heat Source Options
Diesel Oil Heavy Fuel Oil
Coal Electricity
LP Gas Producer Gas
Typical Products Dried
Glass quality silica glass Limestone
Diamondiferous gravel Illminite
Copper concentrates Vermaculite
Copper sulphate Magnetite
Manganese Sulphate Bentonite
Manganese dioxide Fieldpsar
Chromite ores Perlite
Operating in the following Countries
Australia Mozambique USA
UK Swaziland Iran
Brazil Zimbabwe Zambia
Ghana Botswana Namibia