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Technological innovation, absolute reliability and customer satisfaction have been MTA's hallmarks for over 35 years in the industrial cooling market.

TAEevo Tech air-cooled industrial chillers are not home or office air conditioners. These process cooling systems are specifically designed for use in industrial cooling applications, offering tried and tested solutions that have received worldwide acclaim.

Increasing levels of technical sophistication and capital investment in industry today dictate a need for total precision with zero downtime as absolute musts for an economically viable process.

MTA's industrial cooling solutions perfectly answer the need for precise temperature control and maximum reliability. The cost of not implementing an optimised solution far exceed that of a MTA industrial cooling system.

TAEevo Tech Mini - Small Air Cooled Chillers (R134a - R410A)
Nominal cooling capacity 1,7 - 4,6 kW

Developed from the TAEevo range experience, the TAEevo Tech MINI has been greatly improved through important technical updates: new finned coil evaporator, strong structure with eyebolts and new advanced electronic controls. Everything is a perfect balance between high reliability, compact dimensions and high efficiency. Perfect for cooling smaller industrial processes. Thanks to the dual frequency design the MINI 03 model is ready for 50Hz and 60Hz applications.

Thanks to the non ferrous hydraulic circuit the MINI chillers are able to work even with fluids aggressive to carbon steel, maintaining maximum quality and cleanliness of the process fluid. The wide operating limits allow MINI units to operate even under the most extreme conditions. With their compact dimensions MINI units fit easily even below of a workbench. The rational layout of the components, the simplicity of the refrigerant circuit and the numbering of electric cables simplify the operations of checking and maintenance.

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TAEevo Tech - Large air cooled chillers (R410A)
Nominal cooling capacity 7 - 210 kW

TAEevo Tech air cooled chillers are compact units equipped, as standard, with an internal storage tank and pump. The innovative evaporator-intank configuration ensures reduced ambient heat gain and a steady temperature of the process fluids. The use of components sourced from premium manufacturers and extensive factory testing of all units make for highest reliability levels, minimising the risks of unplanned stoppages and increasing productivity levels. An extensive range of accessories, coupled with operating limits among the most generous available on the market, allow TAEevo Tech to be personalised to a variety of industrial applications.

  • The unique evaporator-in-tank configuration has been specifically designed for process cooling applications. It allows high flow rates with low pressure drops and it is furthermore compatible with the presence of contaminated process fluids;
  • Scroll compressors ensure high efficiency, excellent performance and elevated energy savings;
  • Extended operating limits: Tw in max = +35 °C; Tw out min = -10 °C; Tamb max = +46 °C; Tamb min = -5 °C.
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